Make The Right Impression

Your website says a lot about your business. It doesn’t need to be all singing, all dancing but it absolutely should represent you and your brand in the right way. 

For some, your website may be the first impression they have of your business. For others it’s where they go to find out more.

Social media may make a good front for you business but with a website YOU are in full control of what they see and how they see it.

It's A Minefield

The world of websites can be a little confusing and there are so many companies out there offering websites. With Quirky Whippet you will get a bespoke designed website, all the clever ‘techie stuff’ done for you and the ability and flexibility to change and update it however you choose. You can even sit comfortable in the knowledge that there will be regular back-ups so if you did manage to cause an issue, it can be reset at the click of a button.


Maybe you’re just starting out and you don’t know where to start or who to turn to? Let Quirky Whippet guide you. We can have a chat and help you create an outline of what you will need.


Maybe you already have a website in place but it’s just not where you want it to be. Many QW clients started off by creating their own and are now ready for something more professional or with more features. 

What Makes Quirky Whippet Unique?

Any Quirky Whippet projects starts with the question “Is this the right project” We only work on a maximum of two projects at a time. This allows us to give you and your project the focus you deserve. It also means that we are not afraid to say “no”. The projects we say yes to are projects that excite us and that we WANT to work on.

We got frustrated with just how slow some website companies are to respond and communicate. We spent a lot of time and money on web design in the past only to find that they were unable to deliver on what we asked, took longer than expected to do it or were just poor at communicating.


If you’re reading this then this site has done its job so far.

If you skipped through the other stuff then you’re the kind of person who should just click the button to get in touch for a chat.

If you’re the kind of person who has read all the above then you may want more information. Read on…

What We Are Not

We are not experts in coding and programming. This means that the sites we create are done using trusted and reliable plug-ins. It also means that we will build the site in such a way YOU will be able to edit it and control everything without needing to be techie. We do have access to such experts if the need arises.


We are not a big, fancy web design agency. We don’t have a salesman acting as a middle man between you and the programmers. You speak directly with the person creating your site. This saves times and ensures clarity of communication.